April 28-29 (Friday and Saturday) and May 5-6 (Friday and Saturday).

Help us help Hamburg build a new playground in the Village of Hamburg!

We are doing a community project this year and it involves The Village of Hamburg.  We would like to help them build their new community playground that is replacing the "wooden playground"  between Prospect and Highland. 

Below is what they are looking for assistance with what I am sure some of our members could help with.

Their website is https://www.hamburgcommunityplayground.com/  There is a lot of information on their website.

1) Carpentry – any skilled carpenter, deck builder, etc to assist and or lead the building of the seat walls (we will need as many people with these skills we can get – don’t limit it to just 1 person)
2) Donor path – a site contractor with experience in laying and installing brick/paver walks (this will be after the May 5/6th build dates and coordinated with the concrete walk and poured in place surfacing)
4) A skilled concrete installer who can help layout rebar framing and reinforcing and assist with pouring the forms for the larger play pieces – Play odyssey tower, canyon collection (this will be during the April 28/29th build or the day after on the 30th)
5)Finally any contractors who would like to volunteer their time on the build as a community member – they would serve as a team leader and have construction skills/knowledge to help be a point person for Ben, Nate, Dave and Lynn.  People “under” them would go to them with questions they have, if the team leader can’t answer them then the team leader comes to us.  They would volunteer their time and not necessarily have to donate their skills and services like the first three items.

We could also use a list of people with access to heavy equipment who would be willing to bring it and operate it – tractors with a bucket, bobcat, pay loader.

If you are able to help-either with labor, materials or equipment, please get in touch with me ASAP and I will get you in touch with the project team. Jen@hamburgdoor.com